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DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               04/22 08:00


KS       2,300     182.00          .
NE       2,500     183.00-184.00   292.00-293.00
TX       1,700     182.00          .
CO           .     .               .
IA       1,200     184.00-186.00   292.00

DTN WEEKLY ROUND UP:  Last week business did not develop until 
Friday, with Northern dressed deals ranging from $292 to $294, 
mostly $292, $1 lower than the prior week's weighted average. 
Southern live deals were at $180 to $183, mostly $182, generally 
steady with the previous week's weighted averages. According to 
Thursday's Daily Direct Slaughter Cattle Negotiated Purchase Summary 
reports, weekly accumulated totals were as follows, (the prior 
week's weighted averages are listed in parentheses). KS 
$NA($182.07); NE $294.00($293.44); TX $NA($181.96); IA $NA($292.59); 
CO not available due to confidentiality. As you can see, due to the 
late trade last week, weekly accumulated totals were not available. 
It will be interesting to see just where weighted averages fall when 
summary reports are released later this morning.

The Friday Afternoon Daily Direct Slaughter Cattle report lists 
week-to-date trade volume totals as: KS 10,135; NE 19,421; TX 7,459; 
IA 4,440; CO NA due to confidentiality. Friday's slaughter totaled 
113,000 head, 4,000 more than both a week and year ago. Saturday's 
kill was estimated at 20,000 head, bringing the weekly total to 
620,000 head, 17,000 above the previous week, but down 5,000 from 
2023. The weekly averages for boxed beef cutouts and boxed beef 
cuts: choice $297.44(-2.83), select $290.99(-6.39), with an average 
choice select spread of $6.44(+3.55), and a total load count 
including cuts, trimmings, and grinds of 593(+11). Changes from the 
prior week are listed in parentheses.

For the week ending April 13, 2024, Imported Beef Passed for Entry 
in the U.S. totaled 49,049, 102.25% of the previous week and 102.46% 
of the 4-week average. 

DTN MORNING COMMENTS:  Bids and asking prices are not established. 
Significant trade volume will likely be delayed until the second half 
of the week, as both packers and producers are busy preparing for the 
week ahead. Beef cutouts are expected to be mixed with generally 
light box movement.

NOTE:  The price and volume information listed on this page is 
supplied by DTN subscribers in the interest of general cash market 
awareness. All cattle feeding subscribers are encouraged to report 
sales in a timely fashion, to compensate for the systematic delays of 
mandatory reporting. While all transactions will be posted on an 
anonymous basis, callers are required to identify themselves and the 
location of the actual sales. DTN believes this data to be accurate 
but cannot guarantee its specific reliability or whether it fairly 
represents the larger cash market.

Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at 
1-402-461-3561. All sales will be listed anonymously and organized 
by state. A weekly summary of this data will be posted on the 
Weekly Cattle Sales Reported to DTN page and will be left up for 
the entire week for reference purposes.

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